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To start, you'll need some image files. The ones here were downloaded from various online resources.
The Gallery page has some groups of files available.

1. Select a template size page.

2. Open the folder with images. Each template has a maxiumum number of images that can be loaded at once. Drag 1 or more images over. you'll see blue boxes appear when you're in the right zone.

If you drag one image file over, all the pawns will be of that image (good for minions!). If you drag more, the total number of pawns will be divided amonst the images. For example, if you drag 4 images onto the medium template you'll get 4 pawns of each image.

3. The image will change to the new images in random order. Redrag to reset if desired.

4. In your browser, go to Page Setup and set all margins (top, bottom, left, and right) to 0. Set orientation to Portrait.

5. Check Print Preview to make sure it looks okay, and Print. Normal paper will print fine, but I prefer heavier 110# cardstock.

6. Cut out the pawns on the dotted lines.

7. Using a Paizo pawn as a guide, fold the paper pawn over the top of the Paizo pawn.

8. Attach the base.

9. Enjoy and good gaming!

Image tips:

It may be helpful to resize or crop your images prior to using them. The template attempts to fit the image to the maximum height first, then vertically centers the image. The width will stay proportional, so wide square images will be cropped. I like to use IrfanView software to crop or add whitespace to images.

Image sizes will automatically resize to match Paizo pawn sizes, plus a little space for folding. Each side of the image has maximum sizes of:

Custom: A working enhancement for Medium pawns. It has an adjustable number of pawns plus better page location for double sided printing.

Small: width: 0.8in, height: 1.2in, 32 pawns per page

Medium: width: 1.2in, height: 1.9in, 16 pawns per page

Large: width: 1.8in, height: 2.5in, 8 pawns per page

Huge: width: 3in, height: 3.8in, 3 pawns per page

Medium double: width: 2.4in, height: 1.9in. This custom size allows for medium images with 2x normal width, 8 pawns per page

Large double: width: 6in, height: 2.5in. This custom size allows for large images with 2x normal width, 4 pawns per page

Huge triple: width: 9in, height: 3.8in. This custom size allows for huge images with 3x normal width, 1 pawn per page


These images are used for non commercial use and all rights are retained by the owners. I am not affiliated with Paizo, but I enjoy their products.

A little about this project:

Who?: Rob, you can email me at: med6@bozark.com

What?: A way to make custom pawns using images and existing Paizo pawns.

Where?: A game table in Rhode Island, USA

When?: Started around April 2014.

Why?: It took forever to make custom pawns manually for my Pathfinder game, and I wanted a quicker way. Since then, several users have contacted me with great feedback so I've been slowly making improvements.

How?: A little sloppy coding in html, css, and javascript. Most is copied from free code projects online.

Are you making money on this?: No.

Can I use your code?: My code needs to be seen to work, so I can't stop you! If you have a way to make it better, I'd like to know!

Where are the gallery images from? Downloaded from online sources, and all rights are retained by the owners. I editted some images to resize or crop them.

What happens to images I use?: Only you see them, I don't save them or have a way of seeing them.

What's next?: I'm working to update the gallery with more images, plus enhance the pawns as previewed on the Custom tab.

Can I send you my idea? Sure! I've been incorporating new functions based off feedback from people emailing me. I'd certainly appreciate any suggestions, comments, or image collections to host!